Let’s clear the air about Non-GMO soy based food!

According to www.naturalnews.com and for much of the rest of the world soy has had a pretty bad name in some circles. We need to clarify that GMO soy based foods are the ones we want to stay away from. Non-GMO soy based snack foods will not have the same affect on you as those other modified soy beans.

(NaturalNews) Soy is relatively new to our diets in the U.S. The soybean was first introduced into the U.S. at the turn of the 1900s to be used in the manufacturing of industrial products like oil, plastic and ink. Soy was not even considered a food product and was actually deemed unfit for consumption. After WWII, cultivation of soybeans in the U.S. rose to 140 billion pounds per year. Fast forward another 65 years and soy products in our food and animal feed are found everywhere.

According to the USDA, over 90 percent of soy produced in the US is genetically modified. Numerous studies prove that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) increase allergies, increases resistance to antibiotics, lower thyroid function, cause organ swelling (particularly the pancreas) and even cause cancer. Then there are high levels of glutamate, manganese, fluoride and aluminum along with toxic chemicals that food manufacturers use to process soy that toxify our bodies.

We would recommend that when you’re shopping for items at the grocery story, whether they’re soy or not please look for the Non-GMO labels and stay close to those kinds of foods. It’s not mandatory for any company in the USA at this point to label their product  GMO and therefore you may be consuming more unhealthy foods than you realize.

Soy Almost Nuts! is proud to represent the Non-GMO food market and we would love to educate you more on the health benefits of our product. You can check out one of our videos.

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