Monthly Archives: March 2013

We produced our 10th Millionth soybean!! Celebrating our history and future

To celebrate our success in producing our 10th million soybean we wanted to share information on our New Goals for Expansion for 2013, our continued efforts to support Non-GMO farmers, and a look into why Roasted Soybeans didn’t seem like such a “Nutty” idea. The Kornowske family tells the story that the idea of roastedContinue Reading

We Support Whole Foods Decision on Banning Gentically Modified Salmon and Continues to Support the Movement Against Genetically Engineered Foods

On March 21st Whole foods stores in many parts of the country released a statement that they refuse to sell Genetically Engineered Salmon to their customers. The news of Whole Food’s decision, along with other retailers was made public through We have been supporters of the Non-GMO project, and are committed to selling healthy, naturally growingContinue Reading