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Curious about soy?

Soy is the original health food. Soy is a heart-healthy, cancer-fighting, and immune- boosting food. Comparing the overall health of high soy-consuming cultures, such as the Japanese, and low soy-eating folk, like Americans, provides the first clue that soy has health- building properties.Continue Reading

Benefits of Soybean Snacks

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Dry roasted soybeans are great in salads for an omega booster as well as a texture booster. Other foods I’ve tried soybeans in and really enjoyed are chicken soup and in my stir fry. If you’re a texture person you may enjoy the combinations of dry roasted soybeans in some of your favorite dishes.Continue Reading

We’re growing our Social Media tree!

You may have seen that we’re now on various social media platforms all across the web. We’re not big time right now but soon, very soon! You can find us on Facebook where we often post contests, soy facts, and other cool Almost Nuts kinda things. We’d like to encourage you to join usContinue Reading

Some Health Benefits to Soybeans

Soybean has great health benefits. Packed with protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats, this legume provides your body with an ample energy source. Discover the soybean’s protective properties for cardiovascular health, cancer, osteoporosis and menopause.Continue Reading