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Almost Nuts! offers 4 amazing varieties of oven-roasted soybeans. Chose your favorite or mix them together to create your own flavor!


healthy snackOur oven-roasted soybeans are roasted to perfection and the perfect choice for someone looking for an unsweetened healthy snack! These are great in soups, on salads, or by the handful! A perfect soybean snack!


Milk Chocolate

chocolate covered soybeansOur Milk Chocolate Soybeans are drenched in a rich coating of milk chocolate for all you chocolate lovers! These are perfect for when you are craving something sweet. Who knew you a healthy snack could satisfy the sweet tooth!


Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate covered soybeansOur 70% Cocoa dark chocolate and our oven roasted soybeans make a perfect pair! Enjoy all the health benefits of dark chocolate and soy protein wrapped up in a super snack! This also makes a great ice cream topping.



wholesale soybeansWe also have our White Coat Yogurt Soybeans. These soybeans are drenched in a layer of yogurt for the ultimate mix of creamy and crunchy! These are great mixed together with the Dark Chocolate to make a cookies and cream flavor!

healthy soy snack