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About Us

Almost Nuts! crazy soybean snack food began with an idea…

On a cold, snowy morning, I was sitting on my tractor preparing my fields for the year to come, when Bam!!! It hit me like a sack of soybeans. Dry roast these soybeans.

After years of preparation, we have gone “Almost Nuts!®” & now our family is proud to offer your family Oven Baked Soybeans, Milk Chocolate Covered Soybeans, White Coat Yogurt Soybeans, and Dark Chocolate Covered Soybeans.

These delicious, healthy non-GMO soybean snacks are sold wholesale and retail. Order Snacks right here, or find them at one of many Retail Locations that sell them.

If you have any questions about Almost Nuts!, Contact Us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Thank you!

The Kornowske Family

Almost Nuts!
P.O. Box 19
Denmark, WI 54208

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